Muy Serio Horizontal.jpg

Muy Serio, 2018 -

‘Serio’ is a Colombian gay slang for straight acting and is used disdainfully as the opposite of effeminate, queer, faggot or sissy. ‘Muy’ is an intensifying adverb with a strong ‘camp’ potential. In the Muy Serio series traditional pieces of masculine clothing are used as the sculpting material for a variety of queer performative acts de/re/constructing masculinity.

Muy Serio (Blue Shirt), 2018: A traditional soft blue shirt is wore as a long variation of couture garments.

Solo performance, video documentation, photo series presented at:

  • Machi, Unknown Bodies, at Fundación Casa Estudio 74, Bogotá, 2018

  • Bar Rufián, Barcelona, 2018

  • Warm Insides, Vogue Fabrics Dalston, London, 2018

  • I S L A N D, Colombian Consulate, London, 2018

  • The Sex Show, Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate, 2018

  • Stretch Festival, Berlin, 2018

  • Open Studios, Royal Academy of Arts, London, 2018

  • Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, 2019

Muy Serio (Blue Shirt, Khaki Pants), 2018 - 2019: 8XL trousers as a vessel impossible to fill, resembling the debilitating and violent canon of masculinity. The expression “who wears the pants” turns into a collective and playful exploration of how to hold and shared power structures.

Group performance/ installation presentedat:

  • Margate Festival, Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate, 2018

  • State Of the Arts Programme, Selfridges, London, 2019