Muy Serio Horizontal.jpg

Muy Serio, 2018
Performance & photo series

‘Serio’ is a Colombian gay slang for straight acting and is used disdainfully as the opposite of effeminate, queer, faggot or sissy. ‘Muy’ is an intensifying adverb with a strong ‘camp’ potential. In the Muy Serio series traditional pieces of masculine clothing are used as the sculpting material for a variety of queer performative strategies. Dance artist Carlos Maria Romero deliberately examines them as a way to dissect and process the impact of masculinity; extracting their symbolic power through staged rituals and practices that help transfer it to hetero-/homonormativity critical, patriarchy-aware, feminist iterations of maleness. 

Presented at:
Machi, Unknown Bodies, at Fundación Casa Estudio 74, Bogotá, 2018; Bar Rufia, Barcelona, 2018; Warm Insides, London, 2018